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da9b3bca57de75dadfca6df Full Clip[DVDRip]
   ?T  movie info:         Y?
   ?T   Supplier: DvP      Y?
   ?T   Genre…: thriller          Y?
   ?T   Rating..: 0.0/10            Y?
   ?T   Subbed..: No       Y?
   ?T   Dubbed..: No       Y?
   ?T   IMDB….: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0353248/ Y?
   ?T   Length..: 1hr 35min         Y?
   2 ?  ü      ü       ü  ? 2
   ± 2? ?ü? ??? ??? ??? ? ? ??? ???????? ?? ? üü? ? ???????????????ü?2?2 ±
   ° 2?°?°?°???°???°???°?°???°?°???2??°?°?ü°?°ü??°?°??ü°ü????22??? ????2 °
   ± 2?2?2?222?222?222?2?2?222?222????2?2??2?2???222??????????????°??ü?2 ±
   2 ü           ü 2
   ?T  release info:       Y?
   ?T     Rls Date…..: 07/28/2004          Y?
   ?T     DVD Date…..: 08/10/2004          Y?
   ?T     Type………: XviD       Y?
   ?T     Source…….: DVD        Y?
   ?T     Format…….: NTSC       Y?
   ?T     Bitrate……: 951        Y?
   ?T     Resolution…: 576 x 240           Y?
   ?T     Audio Bitrate: 128 VBR    Y?
   ?T     Size………: r47        Y?
Full Clip (2004)
0353248 Full Clip[DVDRip]

Genres:Action, Thriller

Rating:3.0/288 (Votes)



Plot Outline:
Joshua Pope (Busta Rhymes) returns to his childhood home to claim the inheritance his late father has…

Plot: Joshua Pope (Busta Rhymes) returns to his childhood home to claim the inheritance his late father has left him only to find that the local police have turned the town upside down and are ruling with an iron fist. So, with the help of an old friend (Xzibit) and his cohorts,Pope sets out to reclaim the town he once loved…by any means necessary. Tounge and cheek 70′s style action picture set in a comic book style universe. Written by Annonymous


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Full Clip[DVDRip]
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