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Kamelot – Myths Legends & of Kamelot 2007

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Kamelot.-.Myths.&.Legends.Of.Kamelot.(2007).zT.ROCKFORCE.rar 131.51MB

th 90302 Kamelot   Myths 9 Legends Of Kamelot F 122 159lo Kamelot   Myths Legends & of Kamelot 2007

Kamelot Myths Legends Of Kamelot 2007 compilation album with Japanese and US bonus tracks


01 Future Kings (Japanese Bonus Track Karma 2001).mp3
02 Like The Shadows (Japanese Bonus Track Epica 2003).mp3
03 Ne Pleure Pas (US Bonus Track Karma2001).mp3
04 Soul Society (Radio Edit Version Japanese Bonus Track The Black Halo 2005).mp3
05 Epilogue (Japanese album The Black Halo bonus track 2005).mp3
06 We Are Not Separate (Rare Track 2000).mp3
07 We Three Kings (Rare Track 2000).mp3
08 One Day (Japanese Bonus Track Siege Perilous 1998).mp3
09 The Haunting (Somewhere In Time) (Radio Edit Version Bonus Track The Black Halo Limited Edition 2005).mp3
10 March Of Mephisto (Radio Edit Version album The Black Halo Ltd edition bonus track 2005).mp3
11 Can You Remember (Japanese Bonus Track The Fourth Legacy 2000).mp3
12 Snow (Bonus Track Epica Limited Edition 2003).mp3
13 Season’s End (Japanese Bonus Track Ghost Opera 2007).mp3
14 The Pendulous Fall (Bonus Track Ghost Opera Limited Edition 2007).mp3
15 Epilogue – Live (Japanese Bonus Track Cold Winter’s Night 2006).mp3
Code: Select allCodec                : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3
Bit rate             : 320 Kbps
Bit rate mode        : CBR
Channel(s)           : 2 channels
Sampling rate        : 44 KHz
Resolution           : 16
Writing library      : LAME3.96r

*Credit goes to rockforce

ed2k: Kamelot.-.Myths.&.Legends.Of.Kamelot.(2007).zT.ROCKFORCE.rar  [131.51 Mb]

Kamelot – Myths Legends & of Kamelot 2007 Fast download
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