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[Français] Diaboliquement.vôtre.(aka.Diabolically.Yours).(1967).DVDRip.DivX5

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Diaboliquement Votre[aka. Diabolically Yours](1967) DVDRip.DivX5.avi 691.76MB
Diaboliquement Votre[aka. Diabolically Yours](1967) DVDRip.DivX5.eng.srt 55.74KB
Diaboliquement Votre[aka. Diabolically Yours](1967) DVDRip.DivX5.spa.srt 54.55KB
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Diaboliquement Vôtre (1967)
aka. Diabolically Yours

diabfp9 [Français] Diaboliquement.vôtre.(aka.Diabolically.Yours).(1967).DVDRip.DivX5

Director: Julien Duvivier

Alain Delon … Pierre Lagrange, Georges Campo
Senta Berger … Christiane
Peter Mosbacher … Kim
Claude Piéplu … Le décorateur
Albert Augier
Renate Birgo … L’infirmière
Georges Montant … Le brigadier
Sergio Fantoni … Freddie

Plot Summary from ALLMOVIE-com:
In his last film effort (he was killed in a car accident shortly after its completion), veteran French filmmaker Julien Duvivier manages to spin gold from dross in Diabolically Yours. Alain Delon stars as an amnesiac, unable to remember he is man of wealth, or where he keeps his wealth. The doctors are flummoxed by Delon’s total blackout. On the other hand, Delon’s wife Senta Berger doesn’t believe it, nor does the family’s best friend. This fitfully entertaining puzzler succeeds in leading the audience–and the characters–down several garden paths. A French/Italian/German coproduction, Diabolically Yours was originally titled Diaboliquement Votre.



[Français] Diaboliquement.vôtre.(aka.Diabolically.Yours).(1967).DVDRip.DivX5 Fast download
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Français Diaboliquement.vôtre. aka.Diabolically.Yours . 1967 .DVDRip.DivX5 Alternative Download Search

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