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Mame Collection Vol3a including 3681 Roms (Mix) (FullDVD)

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XBOX-Big.Ass.Emulator.Disc.3.a.MAMEonly-MuH.rar 3.52GB
MAMEoX_v0.84.b3_updated.zip 8.2MB
[?]: [?]:, 3.53GB

baed3as Mame Collection Vol3a including 3681 Roms (Mix) (FullDVD)
It took a while, but BAED3 is here. I went through the entire MAME
set to pick out the non-working games and lame porno games. I may
have made a mistake or two, and there are also cases of non-working
parent ROMs having to stay on the disc to enable their working clones to
function, but I think it’s safe to say that 99% of the games on the MAME
disc work. After pulling all those out, I was left with about 6GB.
From that, I took out all the CPS1/2/Neo Geo stuff and was left with 3.4GB.
That’s Disc A.

The first time you use it, it automatically will scan the disc for ROM files
and place that list into a gamesave file so it doesn’t have to be done again.
After this, you’ll have your list of games. Press A to launch a game. It’ll
ask you to type OK to indicate you legally own the game. Just push the left
analog stick Left, then Right, to do this.
To "insert a coin" press Back.
To pause your game, press Back+Black at the same time.
To exit from a game back to the menu, press Back+Start at the same time.
For other configuration options and details, see Help section in the game and
explore the options and mess around.


MAMEoX v 0.72.1b, based on the MAME v 0.72 core
3681 Roms

ed2k: XBOX-Big.Ass.Emulator.Disc.3.a.MAMEonly-MuH.rar  [3.52 Gb]

If someone wants a newer version of mameox:
ed2k: MAMEoX_v0.84.b3_updated.zip  [8.20 Mb]

Mame Collection Vol3a including 3681 Roms (Mix) (FullDVD) Fast download
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Mame Collection Vol3a including 3681 Roms (Mix) (FullDVD)
Mame Collection Vol3a including 3681 Roms Mix FullDVD Alternative Download Search

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