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DivX 6 Create Bundle (2005)

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The DivX Create Bundle provides you with all the tools necessary to create and play DivX videos with the advanced features of the DivX® Media Format. The DivX Create Bundle includes:

018jo DivX 6 Create Bundle (2005)

DivX Converter

The DivX Converter™ allows you to convert nearly any digital video into a DivX® media file in one easy step with its simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality. The DivX Converter includes an optional MPEG-2/DVD plug-in for an additional fee.

Divx Pro Codec

Offering the best combination of quality, performance and compression of any video codec on the market, DivX Pro™ is the digital video codec of choice for professional filmmakers and discerning amateur enthusiasts alike.

Divx Player

The DivX Player™ is capable of playing every DivX file ever created, with integrated support for advanced features of the DivX Media Format and special enhancements for high definition (HD) playback, providing the ideal way to enjoy all your DivX videos.

Code: Select allNew in this Version

   * Support for the DivX Media Format

     The DivX 6 codec includes full support for the DivX Media
     Format and enables access of DivX Media Format features for
     .divx files in all popular media players. Look for the DivX
     icon near the clock on your taskbar to select special
     features whenever you play a .divx file.

     Through the DivX Media Format you can now experience
     interactive video menus, chapter points, multiple audio
     tracks, XSUB(tm) subtitles, XTAG(tm) video information and

   * Includes new DivX 6 decoder

     The DivX 6 decoder features improved playback performance
     and video quality. Experience stunning DivX High Defintion
     video like you’ve never seen it before.

   * The DivX encoder GUI has been redesigned

     The encoder configuration interface has been redesigned for
     ease of use. Related items are better grouped, there are
     fewer wizard-style screens to navigate and the dialog window
     itself is much smaller than before.

   * Performance modes have been adjusted

     Codec performance modes have been adjusted according to a
     rate-distortion model and with respect to functional use
     cases. This better balances video quality against the rate
     of encoding.

   * Two new performance modes have been added

     Extreme quality mode has been introduced to improve video
     quality at the expense of encoding time. Insane quality mode
     has been created to enable all bells and whistles regardless
     of encoding time.

   * Rate-distortion optimized H.263 quantizations

     Block search duration has been reduced for motion estimation
     leading to higher encoding rates.

   * New aspect-based resize

     It is now possible to resize given the source aspect and
     output width rather than absolute video dimensions.

   * Support for 4MV

     4MV is now supported, creating clear improvements in picture
     sharpness and reducing ringing artifacts.

   * Improved deblocking

     A new proprietary deblocking algorithm improves visual
     quality and PSNR while reducing decoder complexity.

   * Multiple consecutive bidirectional coding

     Multiple B-frames are now permitted in DivX High Definition
     (HD) profile, enabling greater compression for HD video.

   * VBV change for Portable profile

     The VBV constraints for Portable profile have been adjusted
     to take full advantage of real-world DivX Certified portable
     devices. Video created using Portable profile with the
     DivX 5 codec is fully compatible with the new VBV model.

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DivX 6 Create Bundle (2005)
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