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BBC – Masterpieces of Vienna (2007)

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BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.1Of3.The.Tempest.Kokoschka.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.avi 372.5MB
BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.1Of3.The.Tempest.Kokoschka.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.srt 31.9KB
BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.2Of3.Freud's.Couch.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.avi 371.94MB
BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.2Of3.Freud's.Couch.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.srt 35.37KB
BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.3Of3.Death.and.the.Maiden.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.avi 372.09MB
BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.3Of3.Death.and.the.Maiden.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.srt 33.29KB
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Masterpieces of Vienna

Arts Documentary published by BBC in 2007 – English narration

masterpiecesofviennacovsr0 BBC   Masterpieces of Vienna (2007)



Masterpieces of Vienna (BBC4) is a three-part series on great works of art that came out of the Austrian capital at that moment in the early 1900s when, like Paris before it, and New York after, the city appeared to hold a monopoly on the most exciting creative production of the time. As well as Arnold Schoenberg, Sigmund Freud and Gustav Klimt, it produced Oskar Kokoschka, an expressionist painter of extravagant, provocative temperament.

1) The Tempest Kokoschka

Series about Vienna’s cultural artefacts looks at Oskar Kokoschka’s expressionist masterpiece The Tempest, the product of a passionate love affair between the impoverished Viennese artist and a wealthy, older woman. The film tells the extraordinary story of their relationship and the bizarre behaviour it inspired from the rebellious Kokoschka.

2) Freud’s Couch

Series about Vienna’s cultural artefacts looks at Sigmund Freud’s couch – now an iconic piece of furniture and the emblem of psychoanalysis. The film tells the story of how its arrival in Freud’s Viennese apartment triggered a revolution in 20th-century thinking.

3) Death and the Maiden

Series about Vienna’s cultural artefacts looks at Egon Schiele’s haunting 1915 picture of two lovers clinging to each other, his tribute to the woman who stood by him in his darkest hour but then discarded ruthlessly.



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Audio Languages: English

RunTime Per Part: 29 mins

Number Of Parts: 3

Part Size: 372mb

Subtitles: ENGLISH

Capped by: Adam Cook



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BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.1Of3.The.Tempest.Kokoschka.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.avi  [372.50 Mb]

BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.1Of3.The.Tempest.Kokoschka.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.srt  [31.9 Kb]

BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.2Of3.Freud’s.Couch.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.avi  [371.94 Mb]

BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.2Of3.Freud’s.Couch.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.srt  [35.4 Kb]

BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.3Of3.Death.and.the.Maiden.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.avi  [372.09 Mb]

BBC.Masterpieces.Of.Vienna.3Of3.Death.and.the.Maiden.2007.DVBC.Xvid.MP3.Mvgroup.org.srt  [33.3 Kb]

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