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Next.(2007).DVDR.PAL-Grupo.Cine-Digital [EN/ES]

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Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.rar 16.87MB
Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_0.VOB 176.99MB
Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_1.VOB 1024MB
Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_2.VOB 1024MB
Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_3.VOB 1024MB
Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_4.VOB 1024MB
Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_5.VOB 116MB
[?]: [?]:, 4.3GB


next Next.(2007).DVDR.PAL Grupo.Cine Digital [EN/ES]


Certificate: 12

Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller

Run Time: 95


Lee Tamahori


Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore, Jessica Biel, Thomas Kretschmann, Tory Kittles, Jose Zuniga, Jim Beaver


In "Next," based on the Philip K. Dick story "The Golden Man," Nicolas Cage plays a man with the unique ability to see future events and affect their outcome. Relentlessly pursued by the FBI, which is seeking to use his abilities to prevent a global terrorist threat, he is ultimately faced with the daunting choice of saving the world or the woman he loves.

Menu: Yes

Removed: Extras, trailers and warnings

Language Dolby Digital 5.1: English and Spanish

Subtitles: English and Spanish

DVDRemake + DVD Rebuilder Professional Edition V1.25 + CCE (5 pass)

Reduction Level for DVD-5: 87,8%

- Overall Bitrate : 5.400Kbs

- Space for Video : 3.631.962KB

- HIGH/LOW/TYPICAL Bitrates: 6.011/4.841/5.400 Kbs


Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.rar  [16.87 Mb]

Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_0.VOB  [176.99 Mb]

Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_1.VOB  [1024.00 Mb]

Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_2.VOB  [1024.00 Mb]

Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_3.VOB  [1024.00 Mb]

Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_4.VOB  [1024.00 Mb]

Next[DVDR-PAL][Esp.Eng]Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_11_5.VOB  [116.00 Mb]

Next.(2007).DVDR.PAL-Grupo.Cine-Digital [EN/ES] Fast download
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