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Hostel.Part.II.(2007).DVDR.PAL-Grupo.Cine-Digital [EN/ES/CA/HU]

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HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.Restos.rar 80.6KB
HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_0.VOB 173.11MB
HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_1.VOB 1024MB
HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_2.VOB 1024MB
HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_3.VOB 1024MB
HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_4.VOB 1024MB
HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_5.VOB 20.49MB
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hostel 2 poster Hostel.Part.II.(2007).DVDR.PAL Grupo.Cine Digital [EN/ES/CA/HU]

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Director Eli Roth

Cast Lauren German, Roger Bart, Heather Matarazzo, Vera Jordanova, Jordan Ladd, Jay Hernandez, Richard Burgi, Stanislav Ianevski


Distributor Sony Pictures

Video PAL 16:9

Languages DD 5.1: English, Spanish, Catalan, Hungarian.

Subtitles English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian, 3 spanish director’s audiocomment and 3 dutch director’s audiocomment.


Presented by genre master Quentin Tarantino (Kill Bill, Vol. 1 & 2) and directed by Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever), Hostel Part II is the shocking and gruesome sequel of the underground torture ring where rich businessmen pay to torture and murder their victims. The second installment to this terrifying franchise centers around three young American women (Lauren German, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) (Bijou Phillips, Bully), and (Heather Matarazzo, Welcome to the Dollhouse) who are studying in Rome. A gorgeous, sophisticated European acquaintance invites the trio to join her for a weekend getaway at an exotic natural spa, assuring them they will be able to relax, rejuvenate and bond. The girls find themselves in Slovakia and check into the ill-fated Hostel, where they are poised to become victims for auction, pawns in the fantasies of the sick and privileged from around the world who secretly travel there to savor more grisly pursuits..


Interactive Menus, Scene Access

Delete all extras, trailers, warnings, 3 spanish audiocomments and 3 dutch audiocomments.



HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.Restos.rar  [80.6 Kb]

HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_0.VOB  [173.11 Mb]

HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_1.VOB  [1024.00 Mb]

HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_2.VOB  [1024.00 Mb]

HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_3.VOB  [1024.00 Mb]

HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_4.VOB  [1024.00 Mb]

HOSTEL.2.[DVDRPAL].[SPA-ENG-CAT-HUN].Grupo.Cine-Digital.VTS_01_5.VOB  [20.49 Mb]

Enjoy the movie.. icon lol Hostel.Part.II.(2007).DVDR.PAL Grupo.Cine Digital [EN/ES/CA/HU]

Hostel.Part.II.(2007).DVDR.PAL-Grupo.Cine-Digital [EN/ES/CA/HU] Fast download
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