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[Dansk] Passer.Passer.Piger.(1965).DVDRip.DivX5-Aero

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Passer.Passer.Piger.(1965).DVDRip.DivX5-Aero.avi 691.94MB

Passer passer piger (1965)

10830xe3 [Dansk] Passer.Passer.Piger.(1965).DVDRip.DivX5 Aero

IMDb nfo: http://imdb.com/title/tt0059572/maindetails

Plot Keywords:Sequel
This movie is a brilliant example of the old-fashioned Danish comedies at their very best. Dirch Passer is as funny as ever and his wake-up machine is sure to induce a smile on your face.
In a sense the movie is quite unique due to the way it is filmed, where you sometimes follow the action at many different apartments at the same time – no split screen mind you, it’s just zoomed out – which also leaves something to catch up to on a second and third viewing.
The plot is quite terrible, but it’s really the many short side plots that make the movie interesting and these work very well. Even today the movie doesn’t feel long-winded and I’m sure a first time viewer will enjoy it just as much as when it was released in 1965.

File Name …….: Passer.Passer.Piger.(1965).Aero.avi
File Size …….: 691,94 MB

Duration ……..: 01:20:58
Video Codec …..: DivX 5.0 codec
Video Bitrate …: 1088 KB/s
Resolution ……: 496 x 304
Aspect Ratio ….: 1.63:1
Framerate …….: 25 FPS

Audio Codec …..: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)
Audio Bitrate …: 106 KB/s (VBR)
Channels ……..: 2 Ch

DA1000C7 [Dansk] Passer.Passer.Piger.(1965).DVDRip.DivX5 Aero

172A45C7 [Dansk] Passer.Passer.Piger.(1965).DVDRip.DivX5 Aero

[Dansk] Passer.Passer.Piger.(1965).DVDRip.DivX5-Aero Fast download
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[Dansk] Passer.Passer.Piger.(1965).DVDRip.DivX5-Aero
Dansk Passer.Passer.Piger. 1965 .DVDRip.DivX5 Aero Alternative Download Search

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