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Shall We Dance 2004 AC3 CiMG

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Shall.We.Dance.CD1-CiMG.avi 700.38MB
Shall.We.Dance.CD2-CiMG.avi 699.54MB
Shall.We.Dance.CD1-CiMG.smi 81.32KB
Shall.We.Dance.CD2-CiMG.smi 37.53KB
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Shall We Dance (2004)

B0006GAI6Y.01.LZZZZZZZ Shall We Dance 2004 AC3 CiMG

Something got lost in translation from 1996′s critically acclaimed Japanese comedy, but the American remake of Shall We Dance? is not without charms of its own. In being transplanted from Tokyo to Chicago, the original version’s subtle humor is shaken out of its cultural context, but this is an otherwise faithful adaptation in which a weary lawyer (Richard Gere) battles his mid-life crisis with ballroom dancing lessons, while his wife (Susan Sarandon) hires a private detective to see if he’s cheating. Those expecting a Jennifer Lopez showcase will be disappointed; her role as the melancholy dance instructor keeps the beautifully lovelorn J-Lo on the sidelines, while a cast of standard-issue supporting characters (especially Stanley Tucci’s clandestine faux-Latin dance lover) provide a generous dose of Hollywood-ized comic relief. All of this gives Shall We Dance? a polished sheen of mainstream entertainment that many viewers—and especially ballroom dancers–will find delightfully irresistible.
BWDM SWD Shall We Dance 2004 AC3 CiMG
Total Streams: 2
Index Chunk: Yes
Interleaved: Yes
Max Bytes Per Sec: 0
AUDIO: 0 – AC3 (0×2000)
Average Bitrate Per Sec: 448 kb/s
Samples Rate: 48000 Hz
Channels: 5
Bits Per Sample: 0
SuggestedBufferSize: 28000
Sample Size: 1
B-VOP: Yes
QuarterPixel: No
Frame Size: 640 x 352
Frames Rate: 23.976
Color Depth: 12
Total Frames: 57301
SuggestedBufferSize: 145151

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ed2k://|file|Shall.We.Dance.CD2-CiMG.sm … B80F66A1|/

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