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Einstein’s.Brain.1994.TVRip.MP3.XviD.avi 699.6MB

I don’t know what to think of this strange and amusing mockumentary/documentary. There’s not a lot information about it on the web but there are claims it’s real.


Runtime: 1:02:35 (93,857 frames)
Video: 512×384, 25fps, 1418kbit (0.288 bpp), XviD
Audio: MP3, 138kbit, 2ch
Quality notes: TV rip, but I’ve seen worse. Likely no other options for this anyway.

Einstein’s.Brain.1994.TVRip.MP3.XviD.avi  [699.60 Mb]

Einsteins.Brain.(1994).TVRip.MP3.XviD Fast download
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Einsteins.Brain. 1994 .TVRip.MP3.XviD Alternative Download Search

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