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CSI (2003-2006) IDW Publishing

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CSI Serial 1-5.rar 48.57MB
CSI Serial-#01.cbr 6.66MB
CSI Serial-#02.cbr 9.47MB
CSI Serial-#03.cbr 10.37MB
CSI Serial-#04.cbr 10.75MB
CSI Serial-#05.cbr 12MB
CSI Thicker Than Blood.cbr 17.16MB
CSI Bad Rap 1-5.rar 56.11MB
CSI - Bad Rap 01.cbr 12.49MB
CSI - Bad Rap 02.cbr 12.78MB
CSI - Bad Rap 03.cbr 11.55MB
CSI - Bad Rap 04.cbr 10.68MB
CSI - Bad Rap 05.cbr 12.68MB
CSI Demon House 1-5.rar 36.07MB
CSI - Demon House 01.cbr 6.38MB
CSI - Demon House 02.cbr 6.7MB
CSI - Demon House 03.cbr 6.52MB
CSI - Demon House 04.cbr 7.43MB
CSI - Demon House 05.cbr 8.97MB
CSI Dominos 1-5.rar 37.98MB
CSI - Dominos 01.cbr 8.09MB
CSI - Dominos 02.cbr 8.42MB
CSI - Dominos 03.cbr 6.46MB
CSI - Dominos 04.cbr 6.89MB
CSI - Dominos 05.cbr 7MB
CSI - Secret Identity 01.cbr 12.48MB
CSI - Secret Identity 02.cbr 9.52MB
CSI - Secret Identity 03.cbr 7.39MB
CSI - Secret Identity 04.cbr 10.38MB
CSI - Secret Identity 05.cbr 11.45MB
CSI - Dying In The Gutters 01.cbr 15.02MB
CSI - Dying In The Gutters 02.cbr 13.31MB
CSI - Dying In The Gutters 03.cbr 14.15MB
CSI - Dying In The Gutters 04.cbr 13.84MB
CSI - Dying In The Gutters 05.cbr 12.26MB
[?]: [?]:, 497.98MB

CSI (2003-2006) IDW Publishing

193238202X.01.LZZZZZZZ CSI (2003 2006) IDW Publishing

comicbookdb – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2003)

Publisher: IDW
Status: Finished
Format: Mini-Series / One-Shots
Publication: 2003-2006


Based on the hit CBS TV show.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Serial (Mini-Series) (Jan 2003 – May 2003)
This CSI miniseries finds a serial killer on the loose in Las Vegas. The CSI team soon discovers the unique aspect of the case – the killer seems to be reenacting the crimes of Jack the Ripper. Armed with the knowledge of the Ripper’s crimes, Grissom tries to prevent history from repeating itself. Complicating matters is the fact that there is a Jack the Ripper convention in town, meaning hundreds of possible suspects! The team must work fast, as the clock is ticking…

CSI Serial 1-5.rar  [48.57 Mb]
Single Issues:
CSI Serial-#01.cbr  [6.66 Mb]
CSI Serial-#02.cbr  [9.47 Mb]
CSI Serial-#03.cbr  [10.37 Mb]
CSI Serial-#04.cbr  [10.75 Mb]
CSI Serial-#05.cbr  [12.00 Mb]
-thanks: windsage, rwa5084.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Thicker Than Blood (One-Shot) (July 2003)
Old Las Vegas crashes against new, high-tech crimebusting as two separate cases make life tough for America’s favorite CSIs. When an Elvis impersonator disappears and a mobster’s life is threatened, only science and smart criminologists can save the day.

CSI Thicker Than Blood.cbr  [17.16 Mb]
-thanks: windsage.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Bad Rap (Mini-Series) (Aug 2003 – Dec 2003)
Rapper Busta Kapp has no shortage of enemies, so when he turns up dead in his limo, Gil Grissom and his crew of CSIs have no shortage of suspects.

CSI Bad Rap 1-5.rar  [56.11 Mb]
Single Issues:
CSI – Bad Rap 01.cbr  [12.49 Mb]
CSI – Bad Rap 02.cbr  [12.78 Mb]
CSI – Bad Rap 03.cbr  [11.55 Mb]
CSI – Bad Rap 04.cbr  [10.68 Mb]
CSI – Bad Rap 05.cbr  [12.68 Mb]
-thanks: windsage, rwa5084.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Demon House (Mini-Series) (Feb 2004 – June 2004)
When a real body turns up in a charity haunted house, the members of Las Vegas’s CSI team – already busy on a series of armed robberies – finds themselves pulling double duty.

CSI Demon House 1-5.rar  [36.07 Mb]
Single Issues:
CSI – Demon House 01.cbr  [6.38 Mb]
CSI – Demon House 02.cbr  [6.70 Mb]
CSI – Demon House 03.cbr  [6.52 Mb]
CSI – Demon House 04.cbr  [7.43 Mb]
CSI – Demon House 05.cbr  [8.97 Mb]
-thanks: windsage, rwa5084.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Dominos (Mini-Series) (Aug 2004 – Dec 2004)
When gang war in Las Vegas leaves bodies all over town, clues point to a ruthless murderer – one who may be the most terrifying foe Gil Grissom and the Las Vegas CSI team have ever faced.

CSI Dominos 1-5.rar  [37.98 Mb]
Single Issues:
CSI – Dominos 01.cbr  [8.09 Mb]
CSI – Dominos 02.cbr  [8.42 Mb]
CSI – Dominos 03.cbr  [6.46 Mb]
CSI – Dominos 04.cbr  [6.89 Mb]
CSI – Dominos 05.cbr  [7.00 Mb]
-thanks: rwa5084, windsage.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Secret Identity (Mini-Series) (Feb 2005 – June 2005)
When a tourist is murdered in a cheap off-strip motel, the investigation is surprisingly routine, until it’s complicated by a missing videotape and an imploded casino. The trail of evidence points to a man who died twice and left two different corpses, engulfing Gil Grissom and the CSI team in a quagmire of deceit and treachery that stretches back 20 years – and still threatens them today!

Single Issues:
CSI – Secret Identity 01.cbr  [12.48 Mb]
CSI – Secret Identity 02.cbr  [9.52 Mb]
CSI – Secret Identity 03.cbr  [7.39 Mb]
CSI – Secret Identity 04.cbr  [10.38 Mb]
CSI – Secret Identity 05.cbr  [11.45 Mb]
-thanks: rwa5084.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Dying in the Gutters (Mini-Series) (Aug 2006 – Dec 2006)
Writer Steven Grant and artist Stephen Mooney will guide the cast of the hit CBS procedural crime drama as they investigate Johnston’s untimely fictional death.
Single Issues:
CSI – Dying In The Gutters 01.cbr  [15.02 Mb]
CSI – Dying In The Gutters 02.cbr  [13.31 Mb]
CSI – Dying In The Gutters 03.cbr  [14.15 Mb]
CSI – Dying In The Gutters 04.cbr  [13.84 Mb]
CSI – Dying In The Gutters 05.cbr  [12.26 Mb]
-thanks: rwa5084.

*** Other CSI series – links not yet available ***

CSI: Miami – Smoking Gun (One-Shot) (Oct 2003)
CSI: Miami – Thou Shalt Not… (One-Shot) (April 2004)
CSI: Miami – Blood/Money (One-Shot) (Sept 2004)
CSI: Miami (TPB) (2005)
CSI: NY – Bloody Murder (Mini-Series) (Aug 2005 – Nov 2005)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Case Files (TPBs) (v1 Aug 2006, v2 May 2007)

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CSI (2003-2006) IDW Publishing
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