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Dekapitator – the Storm Before the Calm (2007)

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Dekapitator-The_Storm_Before_The_Calm-Promo-2007-QTXMp3.rar 63.58MB

Dekapitator – the Storm Before the Calm (2007)

6758cd216cl4 Dekapitator   the Storm Before the Calm (2007)

Quote:Bay Area thrash metal warriors Dekapitator strike back with death strike #2, The Storm Before the Calm. A sharper, more traditional thrash metal attack that their early work, The Storm Before the Calm impacts with all the subtleties of the Armageddon itself. Nine nuclear metal offensives bursting with razor-sharp staccato riffing, nerve-severing vocals, and full on battery of classic metal are delivered w/ the neck-snapping fury of the masters of the genre. Dekapitator are the formidable new leaders of the thrash metal renaissance. Thrash til Death!


Genre: Thrash Metal

Songs: 09

Type: Album

Rls Date: 15-06-2007

Source: CDDA

Company: Relapse

Quality: VBR/44,1/Joint-Stereo

Encoder: LAME

Grabber: Audiograbber


01.The Storm Before the Calm 06:40

02.Toxic Sanctuary 04:13

03.Deathstrike Command 04:20

04.Run with the Pack 04:19

05.The Call to Combat 06:08

06.Eye of the Storm 01:55

07.Earthscorcher 03:35

08.Screams from the Holocaust 03:41

09.The Scourging 05:10

Total Size: 63.6 MB

Total Playtime: 40:01

Dekapitator-The_Storm_Before_The_Calm-Promo-2007-QTXMp3.rar  [63.58 Mb]

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Dekapitator – the Storm Before the Calm (2007)
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