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Sell and Sell Short Dr. Alexander Elder [PDF]

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引用The latest book from best-selling author Alexander Elder, Sell and Sell Short, provides important insights into the often-neglected topic of exiting a long position and shorting a weak market. Most traders spend the bulk of their time figuring out what to buy and spend hardly any time at all on when to sell. The truth is mismanaging the back end of trades can be the difference between winning and losing. Based on his long experience as a trader and trading educator, Dr. Elder provides a variety of selling techniques to preserve capital and take reasonable profits in both trending and non-trending markets and for both short-term and long-term positions. Moreover, Dr. Elder explains why traders and investors who limit themselves to long positions are conceding a big advantage to market professionals who are just as likely to go short as go long. Stocks tend to fall much faster than they rise, which means that big profits can be made quickly – if the right strategies are employed. Dr. Elder shows traders how to identify a market top, how to jump on a downtrend, and how to monitor short selling activity in order to better manage a short position. Ultimately, Dr. Elder says active traders should run their trading account much like a hedge fund, holding a changing mix of long and short positions as their view of the market changes. By embracing the advice in this important book, traders will be empowered to capitalize on the markets ups and downs and to move decisively in and out of positions so as to preserve capital and generate superior returns.

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